hi, i'm tari.

i'm a C#, Java, and C++ game programmer.


EX-XDRiVER - team of 10+, In Closed Beta.
lead programmer
a rhythm-racing game, development started in december 2022.
worked on song caching, external audio and file loading, gameplay and ui programming, controller gyroscope support, rebinding, editor and developer tools, and implementing online multiplayer.

vivid/stasis - team of 15+, released on steam.
chart designer
a rhythm-mystery hybrid game, released on march 7th, 2022.
worked on charts for the game of varying difficulties.

Sightstep - team of 4, open on vrchat.
december 2022 - august 2023
programmer, chart designer
a rhythm game made in VRChat.
worked on performance code, backend caching, developer and SDK tools.

contact me!

email - [email protected]
discord - tari.dance (web)
twitter - twitter.com/tari_cat_
linkedin - linkedin.tari.dance
resume - resume.tari.dance
github - github.tari.dance
ko-fi - ko-fi.com/tari_cat
itch.io - itch.tari.dance